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Driven by Black Minority Ethnic (BME) community organisations, Nottinghams first Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment clinic, targeting men within Black African and Black Caribbean communities was formally launced today (Saturday 21 May 2016)  Supported by community health professionals and funded by NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) the project titled ‘Check Tings Out’ was  launchd at the ACNA Centre in Nottingham with attendance of  over 60 healthcare and community stakeholders.  The project is scheduled to run for 18 months.

Research has shown that prostate cancer is three times more likely to be diagnosed in black men in comparison to white men, and nationally prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, accounting for 26% of all male cancer diagnoses in the UK. Nottingham is a diverse city, with approximately 35% of the population compromising of BME groups.

The project has been developed in response to the 2014 follow up ‘Hear Me Now’ report written by Nottingham trained Radiographer, and Director of BME Cancer Communities  Rose Thompson.

"The uncomfortable reality of prostate cancer in black African-Caribbean men," is the subtitle of the first Hear Me Now (HMN) Report that was successfully launched in the House of Parliament in February 2013 generic cialis online best price visit our website. The development of the subsequent HMN programme, was built on the momentum generated by a 2014 Parliamentary reception around the release of the follow up report ‘Hear Me Now: One Year On.  The programme aims to empower local communities in areas with high black populations to engage with commissioners and decision makers to reduce the burden of prostate cancer and address what is a clear health inequality.

The first Prostate Risk Assessment session will be held on Monday 6th June 2016. See dates and times for assessment sessions for the period June to December 2015.

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